Spinner ja Jame-Balancer®

for dancers and ballet dancers

The Spinner and Jame-Balancer are versatile training and teaching tools for dancers.

Physiotherapists and dance teachers have adopted The Spinner and Jame-Balancer to support the body conditioning and supplementary training in dancing.

Watch the example training video and view LINKS for training instructions and recommendations.

Lilli Helpi Jame-Balancer® instructions (model: Pia Auvinen)

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Jame-Balancer® – Instructions for ballet dancers

Below is an example of instructions written by physiotherapist Lilli Helpi. You can download these A4 sized instructions in full in printable PDF format by clicking on the Flag button below.

© Pro Balance Oy, 2009. This document is under copywright and can only be used for private purposes.

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In order to make the exercises more challenging, get Jame-soft (made out of cellular foam plastic) that you can use on top of Jame-Balancer.

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In my work I help young skaters and dancers achieve as good control of their bodies as possible. The use of two Jame-Balancers is a great way for dancers to practise turnouts. The hugely versatile Jame-Balancer is benefcial for various user groups from rehabilitation to top athletes, from children to the elderly.

– Lilli Helpi, Physiotherapist