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Spinner is now available in three different colors. Colors are now dark translucent blue and the new turquoise and orange. Please scroll down for product details in the section Spinner.

Ask your retailer about the new colours!

Pro Balance Pty Ltd

– Jame-Balacer® and Spinner Products

We specialize in training products that improve your balance, rotation and muscle fitness. Our goal is to further develop these products according to the needs of our customers. In consultation with various sports experts, we are continuously developing additional training instructions to the needs of the individual sports. This ensures that your Spinner or Balancer is of most benefit to you.

These pages will introduce you to the Spinner and Jame-Balancer. You may wish to download sport specific user instructions and tips in PDF-format. These sport by sport pages can be found under the User Groups tab. These pages will tell you which of the two products is better suited to the recommended exercises for your chosen sport. These pages also include example videos of possible exercises. These videos can currently be found in the General Information pages for Figure-Skaters, Ballet Dancers, Muscle Conditioners and Physiotherapy.

Illustrated user instructions will be included with your Spinner or Jame-Balancer. Spinner is available in translucent blue. Easier Jame-Balancer comes in silver- and more challenging in purple colour.

Our e-mail address and phone number can be found on our Contact Us page. Should you require further information about our products or how to order them, we are always happy to help whether you are a business or an individual customer. On these pages you can also find a list of our retailers in Finland or overseas.

Best regards,
Jarmo Nikkanen, Pro Balance Pty Ltd

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Spinner will help you find your centre,which is the key to your balance. Practice under the supervision of your coach, during group practice or in your own home. Before a competition you can use your Spinner to warm up in the corridors of the rink.

Wiht practice you will improve your straight body positions and feel more comfortable. You can practise any kind of spin on your Spinner: sit spin, camel spin, fast spin, layback spin and different kinds of combinations.

Spinner is currently being used by the Finnish Figure Skating Association in their training program for coaches.


With Jame-Balancer you can combine balance, muscle fitness and gym exercises.

In balance exercises place Jame-Balancer under your feet (one or both), palms, elbows or buttocks. Add to these exercises various training equipment such as rods, different kinds of balls, pins, small bags filled with peas, rubber bands, weightlifting bars etc. You can also use various sport specific equipment while doing Jame-Balancer exercises. There are two kinds of Jame-Balancers available. Maintaining your balance is easier on a silver coloured balancer whilst the purple balancer is more challenging.

Coaches and trainers: You may wish to have group and pair exercises using balls etc.

“The possibilities of Jame-Balancer are only limited by your imagination!”

Instructions and sample videos for all the above mentioned examples can be found on our sport specific pages.

Jame-Soft used on top of Jame-Balancer intensifies middle body control and muscle strength exercises.

Jame-Soft product pages

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User instructions for Spinner and Jame-Balancer

Spinner/Jame-Balacer can be used under one or both feet depending on the exercise.

Step on Spinner/Jame-Balancer with toes on the wider end and find your balance before starting your exercises.

Don’t store or use our products at 0°C or less.

Always ensure safety!

Make sure you have sufficient room and use a base that is appropriate for the exercise to eliminate spinning (does not apply to spinning exercises). Do exercises on a soft base, at least 50x50cm in size.

When practicing spins, a beginner should use a plastic mat or similar. As you improve, you can use a harder base (rotation speed will increase).

Looking after your Pro-Balance products

Pro-Balance products can be washed with a mild detergent. Rinse with water. Can be disinfected eg. 70% alcohol (ethanol).

Spinner will help you find your centre, which is the key to your balance.

Spinner is meant for figure skaters, professional dancers and anyone else wanting to improve their balance.

Jame-Balancer® – Balance, strength and good posture for your body.

You can use your Jame-Balancer for: