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for Muscle conditioners

Jame-Balancer is an excellent product both for practicing your balance and for strengthening the muscles in the lower limbs, hips and middle torso.

You can make your exercises more challenging by varying the body part in contact with your Jame-Balancer, whether you are just using your own body weight or using additional tools such as a weight bar. In addition to your feet, you can also place your knees, buttocks, elbows and palms of your hands on your Balancer. By using your Balancer this way, you can increase the benefit from your Jame-Balancer as the core muscles in your stomach and back (muscles needed for good posture) are more intensely engaged.

View the example videos, illustrated user instructions and general recommendations on the use of Jame-Balancer.

Jame-Soft used on top of Jame-Balancer intensifies middle body control and muscle strength exercises.

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Jame-Balancer® – General instructions

Below is an example of instructions that gives balance, strength and good posture for your body. You can download these A4 sized instructions in full in printable PDF format by clicking on the Flag button below.

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Jyri Marjamäki: Exercise video

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Jyris Jame-Balancer experiences

Jyri Marjamäki is Personal trainer in Physical Education Services of the Town of Järvenpää. You can download these A4 sized experiences in printable PDF format by clicking on the Flag button below.

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Growing old weakens the balance. Injuries caused by the weakened balance bring up a major and topical problem for the public health. Work is being done for fnding solutions how to maintain and strengthen the balance.

How does practicing with Jame-Balancer boards afect the strengthening of balance and ankle function in elderly people?

A Master thesis for the Department of Biology of Physical Activity, University of Jyväskylä focuses on Jame-Balancer boards: Balancing Board Exercises in Training the Balance and Ankle Function in Elderly People Elderly people from Järvenpää will take part in a longitudal follow-up study conducted together with the sport activity department of Järvenpää. The subjects are divided into two test groups. The training group will practice under supervision with the Jame-Balancer boards for 16 weeks. The control group will only take part in the study related measurements.

The initial measurements were done in January 2009 and the fnal measurements were done in May 2009. The measurements will analyze body sway with the Metitur Good Balance device, electric muscle activation (EMG) from the peroneal muscles as well as ankle extensor strength. In addition, some functional tests were conducted. The results will also be published in an international forum after the Master thesis is ready.

– Rimona Hakkarainen, M.Sc. Student, Biology of Physical Activity