Practising with Jame-Soft
together with a Jame-Balancer:

Jame-Soft has been designed to be used in exercises that are done barefoot.

Jame-Soft is a great tool for podiatrists and is used in the programs they tailor for their patients. Jame-Softs are being used in podiatry training units at universities.

There are two hights

Choose your Jame-Soft
according to your weight:

(weight limits are estimations only)

Looking after your Jame-Soft

Jame-Soft products can be cleaned using a cloth dipped in a neutral detergent. Rinse with a moist cloth. Do not soak Jame-Soft.

IMPORTANT! Avoid any pressure to Jame-Soft while being stored.

Jame-Soft & Jame-Balancer®
Exercise for the small muscles in the foot and ankle

(Speaking is in Finnish only)

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